Update 1.0

Wow... There's a lot in polish...

So I've completely redone the menus, improved controller support, added sfx and music (and volume controls for each), and fixed a few bugs.

So all the menus have been redone with graphics now, and most of these graphics should scale reasonably well to most sizes of monitor (I think the smallest I tested was 500x500px, it was still workable, just). But more importantly the font used for each of the buttons is a font called "Open Dyslexic". This font is designed to make text slightly easier to read for people with Dyslexia, and hopefully at least one person out there will benefit from it. Beyond that though, it looks kinda funky too. And I don't want to block anyone out when all it takes is a font change to make someone's life a little easier.

Controller Support
Whoah boy, this was a headache. Unity's standard controller menu support is awesome, until you try to make it work on multiple menus. My first plan was to have the volume options in their own menu, but getting Unity to make the switch was next to impossible. I think I wasted around 8 hours trying to get it to work the way I wanted it to without writing a script to handle it all (spoiler alert; it didn't work. I should have just written a script). So what I've done is just made a side menu that you can scroll onto and off of reasonably intuitively. If you can't figure it out, you need to go to Options and press right, adjust your volume levels using right and left, and use up or down to navigate/exit the options.

Sounds and Music
I was thinking of doing more for the sounds and music, but instead I just gave up and used free creative commons sounds from Freesound.org. If you're chasing any of the music, here is what you'll need to search on Freesound.org:

  • Title and Menu Music: Frankum - Vintage Elecro Pop Loop
  • Levels 1, 6, & 11 Music: Patrick Lieberkind - Rhythmic Game Menu Ambience
  • Levels 2, 8, & 14: EvanJones4 - Fun Dancetrack
  • Levels 3 & 9: Frankum - Rolling Techno
  • Levels 4 & 10: Frankum - Techno Track Loop
  • Levels 5 & 12: SirPlus - Action Scary Fun Loop

Huge thank you to these artists for putting their music out there for free, I wholly support Creative Commons work, and I think you should too. Keep art free, people.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the rolling logs to roll straight off the platforms if you pressed pause too many times in a row
  • Fixed a glitch on Level 11 where if you hit the ground quick enough you would clip through without restarting the level, thus breaking the game
  • Fixed so many bugs with the pause menu not restarting time when it closed... Just so many
  • Closed a slight hole in reality that caused a deformed human child to sprout directly from the monitor into the eyes of whomever was playing (RIP Brad, thanks for testing out the game)
  • Fixed a glitch that caused the sfx volume to not be changed even after telling it to change in the Main Menu
  • Numerous other small bugs, because game

And that's probably it from me for quite a while now... I'll get back to making bigger/better/worse projects. I hope that you enjoy the game, if there are any issues with it that are game-breaking, feel free to contact me (you can even comment on this blag)


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Apr 04, 2018
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Apr 04, 2018
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Apr 04, 2018

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