Update 0.00.11

Lots of changes in this one... It's said that the final 10% of development takes 90% of the time, and that sounds about right from my experience here.  

A quick list of changes:

  • Changed menu button highlight colour
  • Changed falling mechanic
  • Added some Sound Effects!
  • Added an options menu (to be completed)
  • Added a volume slider for the sound effects in the options menu
  • Added new levels and a bouncy tile mechanic
I think that's it...

For a more detailed breakdown:

Menu Button Highlight Colour
This is just an aesthetic change to the buttons, when you hover over them they go slightly green

Changed Falling Mechanic
So the falling mechanic used to be a timer that went up when you weren't touching the ground, and then it reset again when you hit the ground. This caused all types of issues... Usually they included stairs not triggering the reset causing you to have to restart the level. I've changed it now so that there's a floor on every level, when you hit it you restart the level. I've still got to texture the floor, make it look a little more aesthetic.

Sound Effects
For now I've downloaded some temporary sound effects from Freesound.org and hooked them up to the box so when certain sides/corners/edges hit the ground it makes a smashing noise. If it gets annoying...

Options Menu
...I added an options menu! With a sound effects volume slider! At the moment you can only access it from the main menu and change settings there, but hopefully in future I'll hook it up to a pause menu eventually.

New Levels
New levels! With a new mechanic! The bouncy tile! I would have done more levels with these, but it just seemed a little too much like a mini-golf game eventually. So I stopped there... I think I'm done with level design.


BoxxyProtoLinux0.00.11.zip 21 MB
Apr 02, 2018
BoxxyProtoWindows0.00.11.zip 15 MB
Apr 02, 2018
BoxxyProtoMac0.00.11.zip 20 MB
Apr 02, 2018

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