Update 0.00.10

Welp, I guess I lied last time.  

The biggest issue for me to solve here was the pause menu, as it didn't actually allow you to exit the game... or go back to the main menu... or go to the credits screen... or do anything that it was supposed to do in theory.  But NOW IT DOES! The issue was that I was setting the timeScale to 0, and when the timeScale is set at 0 apparently you can't listen 10 times per second for a mouse click.  Sounds obvious, I know.  That's because it is.  

I have also introduced a final screen that shows all the times on each level, and if you manage to get through the entire game it will let you know how well (or poorly) you did based on how long it took you to complete each level and how many times you have died.  This includes fixing a glitch where you could finish the level twice (or more) and your time would keep increasing every time you hit the goal.  

Besides that, this isn't a major update, this was mostly about bug fixes that have been annoying me.  Future ambitions for this project: Sound, More Levels (not many, but a couple more), UI Redesign, a little polish, and then move onto the next project!


BoxxyProtoLinux0.00.10.zip 17 MB
Mar 29, 2018
BoxxyProtoMac0.00.10.zip 17 MB
Mar 29, 2018
BoxxyProtoWin0.00.10.zip 12 MB
Mar 29, 2018

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