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TL:DR; This software takes in a number of competitors and their names, and gives you a framework so that you can have them battle to the death* in a Swiss style tournament.

So the school I work at had a "Medieval Day" last year including a sword and shield tournament (wooden swords, and pool noodles for the younglings).   For that I bashed up a python script Swiss style tournament so that each child fought more than once, and it roughly tried to match skill levels for the competitors (imagine getting paired with the bigger, meaner kids every single round, that'd suck).

The issue with that was that I was on a time limit, so what I ended up with was a mess of code that only ran in a console and needed *exact* names to be typed in every time someone won a match, matches could only be run in the order that the software wanted matches to run in, and I had to train people to use it.  It sucked.

When I was told that the kids wanted to continue with the tournament as a regular sport, my heart sank.  I couldn't deal with all the debugging again.  So instead I programmed up a GUI in python... and that still sucked.  So I turned to my old friend Unity and bashed up something much nicer ^__^ This software takes in a number of competitors, their names, and then gives you a pairing checklist to select the winners of each round, before going into a knock-out style tournament for the finals (if there's a tie in scores).  

* Competitors dying would screw up the whole tournament, please don't let competitors die, they need to fight more


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